Your retailer resources

We’re pleased to announce the release of our shared folder for retailers only. We are currently offering two links: a Social Media Assets folder and a POS Assets folder. These folders will constantly be updated as we release new marketing campaigns and assets. Our Social Media folder can be used for all online imagery and marketing and has been cleared for public promotion. Our POS folder contains examples of POS items, along with current artwork designs and logotypes cleared for reproduction.


Social Media Dropbox

Built for your Online Marketing & Social Media needs, our Social Media Box includes image assets, logotypes, gifs, video commercials and more.

Password: MarketingMlilyNI


Trade Materials

Price lists, certifications and further trade assets. 

Password: MarketingMlily


POS Dropbox

Designed to help with your physical print and point of sale needs, our POS Box includes image designs, print advertisements, logotypes and more.

Password:ย MarketingMlilyNI