NEW podcast: with Denis Irwin

We’re delighted to bring you a brand new podcast episode with Manchester United legend and ambassador, Denis Irwin, as part of the Pillow Talk Podcast series. 

Our Sleep Scientist, Dr. Robin Thorpe caught up with Denis to discuss performance and sleep, along with experiences during his playing days. 

During the episode, Denis discussed with Robin the importance of big football clubs collaborating with health and sleep brands, just like Manchester United’s partnership with Mlily.

“I’m fortunate to have an Mlily mattress and it’s pure heaven.” He firstly added. “I didn’t have that in my day playing football but it was different I suppose- the technology these days, not just in football but in mattresses has moved on so much.”

“In general, people are a lot more aware that sleep is important, certainly when you’re at a professional football club. It is a vital importance, and all the Sports Scientists and people who engage with United. If you want to reach the top you’ve got to rest and recuperate.” Denis included.

“So I can see more and more athletes and clubs engaging with companies like Mlily, finding out a lot more about things like that and what they can do to improve a player’s wellbeing away from the game.” 

Click here to listen to the full podcast.