Nature and Sleep #betterlife

Nature can have a brilliant impact on our health. 

There are plenty of ways that nature can boost our mood, take a look at our article here on eco therapy – but what can nature do to our sleep quality?

Discover more below. 

Lack of Blue Light

Many studies blame the introduction of modern lighting for having a negative affect on our sleep health, as the blue glare of screens and bright lights of the modern home can trick us into thinking that it’s still light outside, keeping us up for longer.

Spending the evening out in nature can be brilliant for reversing these effects, as the gradual setting of the sun can be perfect for naturally inducing tiredness, leading to a healthy rest.

Exposure to Animals

There’s no doubt that catching site of a wild animal you’ve never laid eyes on before can be an exciting experience.

Whether it’s seeing beautiful birds, catching a glimpse of wild rabbits or even going fishing, a day out and about, experiencing new things in nature can be brilliant for boosting overall mood – and a happy day means a better sleep.


A day out in nature seems to always come part and parcel with exercise, as the countryside can offer up many forms of activity, from hiking and walking through to canoeing and mountain biking.

Exercise can definitely help to improve sleep quality, as the surge of endorphins and physical exertion can be brilliant for boosting rest by the time you head to bed in the evening.

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Mindfulness and Stress

One of the main perks of exploring nature comes in the form of being able to step back, relax and to embrace our natural, beautiful surroundings.

One of the main causes of sleep loss can be put down to stress related worries, with millions of UK residents struggling with anxious thoughts and consequent lack of sleep.

Exposure to nature in the day – whether that’s in the form of a walk, cycle or even a picnic, can be brilliant for boosting mindfulness, reducing stress and ultimately leading to a better sleep.

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