The Power of the Nap

Happy National Napping Day!

If you’ve always believed napping to be a lazy trait, check out these facts below to have your opinion altered! 

Napping is good for you

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a 20-30 minute nap can be the perfect way to boost energy levels and refresh your mind.

Just set a timer and get snoozing in a shaded, dark and comfortable place.

The length of your nap is very important! Any longer and you could slip into deep sleep, which can be quite tricky to pull yourself out of.

Napping can make you smarter!

Rest and sleep consolidate information.

So, if you spend all morning learning a new skill, and then treat yourself to a midday 20 minute nap, the information is much more likely to implant itself into your memory and consolidate itself in your brain.

You’ll wake up full of the new info!

It keeps you slim

As the afternoon energy crash hits, it can be tempting to reach for the sugary, carb heavy snacks for an extra buzz, which tend to do more harm than good and can cause an even bigger crash after consumption.

Have a nap instead to stop yourself from reaching for the sugar and save not only on your waistline but on your physical and mental health too!

You can manage your stress

Afternoon naps are the best form of stress relief!

Being stressed tends to send your blood pressure sky high, and raises your levels of stress causing cortisol significantly!

A quick doze in the day can lower stress levels, decrease cortisol and ultimately lower blood pressure, which in turn leads to a healthy heart and a healthy life!

It’s good for your heart!

On the same line of stress, a healthy relationship with napping can be the perfect way to keep your heart in good, working condition, as regular naps lower blood pressure and decrease stress.

It helps boost your mood

Naps boost your mood!

The flood in sleep causing melatonin, followed by a drop in adenosine and rise in feel good serotonin means that you can wake from a nap feeling relaxed and pretty happy.

You can try it caffeinated

Ever heard of a coffee nap?

According to studies, sipping on a coffee right before you take a 20 minute nap will ensure that you wake feeling rested and ready.

Naps clear out the sleep causing hormone, adenosine, as you doze, caffeine then slots into the empty places and prevents any more of the hormone being created! You’ll wake up ready to take on the rest of the day!

What are you waiting for? Get napping!

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