National Productivity Day #betterlife

Today marks National Productivity Day! Take a look at our tips below for getting inspired and motivated.

Consider Inspiration

If you’d like to get yourself productive, a great idea is to think about inspiration. For many, projects and passions are ignited due to inspiration for a certain topic, whether that’s sports, work life or a hobby enjoyed during spare time.
Go back to the film, book or experience that inspired you to start on your journey in order to reignite your drive once more. If you enjoy your task, it never really feels like work.


Exercise can be a brilliant way to get yourself up and motivated! Not only does exercise boost our overall energy, brilliant for getting stuff done; it can also produce serotonin – the happy hormone! A happy outlook on life can be brilliant for when it comes to getting stuck in to your hobby.

Create A Vision Board

Vision boards can be a brilliant way to re ignite your passion in a project, boost your productivity and up your motivation.

Simply make a clip board of all your aims and overall dreams and locate it in your place of work or near your desk, this can be a great way to inspire yourself everyday.

Take A Break

Take a break! A lack of productivity can often be caused by a condition known as ‘burn out’, when we effectively become exhausted from work, destroying our drive and motivation. Take the time to opt for self care and relaxation, hopefully returning from your break ready to get stuck in again!

Think About Your Goals Daily.

Consider your goals on a daily basis.

This can be a great way to remind yourself of where you currently are on your journey towards them. If you picture your success daily, it’s much more likely to come true.

Start Small.

When you’re considering your goals and searching for the motivation to begin, it’s important to start small on your journey.
For example, if you’re goal is to start running for a hobby, then simply start by measuring how long you can run for before stopping, use this as a marker, and go from there.

Make a plan

Getting productive all comes down to a perfect plan. If you’re following a clear guide, it’s easier to get into the swing of things. Opt for a clear cut frame work and time manage affectively to ensure that you’re powering yourself through the day.

If time constraints tend to stress you, opt instead for simply writing everything you would like to complete on that day without timings, ticking each one off as you go.

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