National Day of Encouragement: Motivation Tips

Take a look at our tips below to see how you can improve your working day, to keep normality running as much as you can for a great day and a better life.ย 

Take a look below at our top tips for aiding and improving concentration, so that when it comes time to getting things done, tasks can be completed efficiently and to the best of our ability.

Organise Your Mind

If you’re prone to procrastination, a great idea would be to organise your mind, clearing if of any mundane tasks.

For example, if you’d like to finish a task which has a heavy, looming deadline attached to it, but you’re struggling to forget about the dirty washing or council tax, sort these jobs first!

This way you can settle down to work free of worry or stress.

Remove Any Distractions

Similar to organising your mind, when you’d like to boost your concentration, it’s important that you rid yourself of any distractions.

Whether this means leaving your phone in the other room, or turning off the internet if you’re writing to prevent social media pop ups, minimising the risk of distraction can be a great way to get stuff done.

Take One Task At A Time

A great way to boost overall concentration is to take one task at a time. If we try to complete everything at once, the experience can be pretty overwhelming and overall concentration levels can take a heavy hit.

Refusing to move onto the next task until the first one is completed can be a great way to boost concentration levels and to complete all tasks to a high standard.

Embrace Breaks

Embrace those breaks!

Our minds need a rest too at times. Opt for 10 minute breaks every hour to nap, read a book or grab a snack. The high number of breaks throughout the day will mean that our minds will be itching to get back to work.

Try Mindfulness

Still struggling with your concentration? Give mindfulness a go. There are plenty of apps out there which can be used to boost overall cognitive ability.

Opt for listening to them in your breaks to fuel your mind.

Make a Plan

Concentration comes hand in hand with motivation and organisation.

Before starting the day, it can be a great idea to complete a list of tasks to get done, this can be a brilliant structure to follow throughout the day for optimum concentration.

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