May saw MLILY partner with MyVitaminsUK to discuss the importance of vitamins in a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Vitamins are often a factor of healthy living that can be overlooked, yet are an important addition to any balanced life and can also have an impact on sleep and overall well being.

MyVitamins have been a great resource to delve into the benefits of supplements, and were keen to discuss the many options available.

According to MyVitamins, health and happiness shouldn’t be difficult, and this is represented by their ethos of accessible vitamins for everyone.

Aside from their vitamin store, MyVitamins also run a health and wellness blog which centres on a variety of topics, from articles on happiness, through to tips and tricks for a great night’s sleep.

MyVitamins also have a great focus on exercise, and run several articles on their blog discussing supplements for exercise, and even how to have a great time working out.

The shared enthusiasm of MLILY and MyVitamins came together well with a giveaway over on MLILY’s instagram, where followers were given the opportunity to win some vitamins for themselves, all of which can be integrated into a healthy, happy lifestyle.

The products offered by MyVitamins for the giveaway were diverse, from magnesium, an essential mineral needed by the body to support energy production, through to inulin powder, great for digestion.

Other products offered were ‘Beauty Sleep’, an expert blend of of minerals for healthy hair and skin, and calming chamomile and lemon balm for relaxation; 5HTP, a source of sleep assisting tryptophan, and beauty hot chocolate, a vitamin packed hot treat before bed.

The giveaway was a great way to allow people the chance to try out the products for themselves, whilst MyVitamins’ blog and website stands as a great site for people to revisit in the future for guidance of a healthy lifestyle.


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