Morning Mindfulness- Does it Work? #betterlife

Have you ever practiced morning mindfulness? Take a look at the benefits of meditation below, to discover why you need to be including it in your morning routine.

Ready For the Day

Practicing morning mindfulness and meditation is the best way to set yourself up the for the day ahead.

Not only does mindfulness aid in mental energy, through practicing it each morning we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to be mentally aware, alert and fully alive.


Through the creation of a daily morning practice, meditation can lead to a kind and peaceful demeanour.

Do you wake each morning feeling agitated and frustrated about the day ahead?

Opt for meditation! A simple ten minutes of peaceful thinking can allow us to consider everything we have in our lives and everything there is to be thankful for, from our health through to our family and friends. This exercise can be perfect for diminishing anger.

Reduces Stress

Many of us believe that stress is just a unavoidable part of life, yet – it does not have to be.

Whilst solving all the causes of our stress within the first ten minutes of waking up seems pretty impossible- just ten minutes of mindfulness can do the trick. When our minds are alert and ready for the day, we are much more likely to deal with stress in a rational and understandable manner.

Healthy Behaviour

Studies have shown that just ten minutes of morning mindfulness can ensure that we make healthy decisions throughout the rest of the day, from exercising through to healthy eating and treating ourselves with care.


Many successful people attribute their daily morning meditation as a key part in their success, stating that the focus on mindfulness before starting their day allowed them to view things in perspective and to walk into the day calm.

Whilst meditation can be practiced at any time in the day, starting your morning with mindfulness can be the best way to slide self care into your busy day ahead, before you’ve even got out of bed.

Do you want to start practicing morning meditation? Take a look at this taster video, for a great sleep, a wonderful day and a #betterlife.