Mood Boosters during lockdown

Many of us are feeling the strain of lockdown on our mood and mental health. Some days it may be a struggle to fill our days with activities to keep us occupied, but we’ve put together some small and simple mood boosters to help you feel that little bit better during the bad days.


An obvious tip, but exercise is proven to boost our endorphins and help us feel better physically and mentally. If going for a walk every day isn’t for you, try something different that you may enjoy such as a bike ride or take up an online class at home.

Offer help to others

We feel a sense of pride when we offer help to other people, whether it’s a small gesture or a big help. Call a friend or family member to remind them that you love & miss them, or help someone vulnerable with their weekly shopping.

Enjoy a warm drink

Sometimes a cup of tea is the answer to anything. Take a minute for yourself to enjoy a soothing drink, whether it’s something sweet like hot chocolate or a healthy herbal tea. During the winter months, it’s a quick way to keep warm, too!


Our lives are so rushed that we forget to take a moment to relax and enjoy the little things in life. Taking a warm bath, reading a good book, or taking a short nap are just some of the things that can help you forget the outside world for a while and enjoy your own company.

Spend time with a pet

If you have a pet, you’ll understand how good they are for boosting our mood. Being around animals is good for our mental health, whether that’s visiting a nature reserve that’s full of woodland animals or enjoying quality time with our pets.

Learn a new skill

If you have the extra time to invest in learning a new skill, this is a great way to occupy yourself and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. It could be learning a new language, taking an online class to achieve a qualification, or even watching YouTube tutorials to up your skills in something you enjoy.

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