Mlily to Help in Fight Against Coronavirus

Mlily have now sent over 17,00 mattresses and 200 pillows to the hospitals in the Wuhan province and across China in the company’s efforts to assist in the fight against coronavirus. Since the discovery of the deadly pneumonia-inducing virus, the Wuhan area of China has served as ‘ground zero’ for the disease.



As governments and organizations around the world and in China mobilize to combat the virus, Mlily is keen to do everything it can to help in the fight.

“This is a global emergency,” says James Ni, President & Founder of Mlily. “In the middle of this epidemic are the heroes on the frontlines trying to combat the virus – from the doctors to the nurses to health professionals; everyone in the industry is working around the clock to prevent the spread of this disease.”

Ni continues; “Here at Mlily, we understand the importance of a good night sleep – for recovery, for improved focus and for energy levels. That’s why we’re delivering our zero pressure products to enhance what little sleep these professionals are able to achieve. We want to improve their lifesaving efficiency and decision-making process in these critical times.”


Mlily will continue to provide hospitals in the region with mattresses and pillows for workers and patients alike as the country continues in its battle against the disease.


“Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the families affected by this terrible tragedy right now,” remarks Pomi Khan, CEO of Mlily UK, Canada & France. “Our company will do everything it can to help in the fight against coronavirus in China and abroad at a time when rest and recovery is vital.”


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