Mental Health and The Second Lockdown #betterlife

During this difficult time, you may be worried about the effect that COVID_19 could potentially have on your mental health and overall well being.ย 

Being told to stay home and to avoid other people can not only have a negative affect on a person’s mood, it can also be detrimental to those who suffer with anxiety, whose main point of therapy and counselling focuses on them being out and about, communicating with others to maintain their progress.

Other concerns can definitely appear in the form of mental stress, lack of energy and an overall sense of loss during this odd time.ย 

The following information could potentially help you if you’re feeling lost or anxious due to COVID_19 or if you’re staying at home and self isolating for your health and the health of others.

Eat well and stay hydrated

Focus on your diet. During this odd time, our normal routine may seem to disappear amongst stress, so it’s important to maintain normal, regular meals of balanced and healthy foods for good mental well being. Over 80 per cent of our serotonin and overall mood is controlled entirely by our gut, opt for fibre rich dishes and a healthy mix of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins throughout the day to keep you feeling good.

Hydration also plays a key role! Without adequate hydration, we can become groggy, irritable and prone to headaches. Keep a bottle on you at all times whilst in your household, maybe even set an alarm every hour to remind yourself to drink for a better life and a great day.

Keep taking medication

Don’t let stress and the lack of routine stop you from taking important medication, whether that involves simple vitamins each morning, or focuses on prescriptions. If you can’t leave your home, then prescription services can usually be arranged for any medication to be dropped off at your home.

Take care of your surroundings

Many people comment on the power of a tidy environment in helping them to ease their mental stress. If you’re spending a vast amount of your time at home, it could be a great idea for your mind to give your surroundings a good tidy and sort. Whether it’s a clear out of old clothes or a good hoover of your living room, even simply making your bed in the morning, small steps such as this can help you to maintain a routine, which is vital for good well being.

Get outdoors

Sunlight helps in the production of serotonin, commonly referred to as the happy hormone. Getting outside for at least half an hour each day, for your recommended one form of government exercise, can be a great way to boost your mood and well being.

Opt for a run if you’re feeling energetic, or if not, a simple stroll can be just as beneficial when it comes to boosting your mood!

Keep your mind active

Aside from keeping your body active, it’s also important to keep your mind active, stopping your mental well being from slipping into anxious or sad thoughts. Simple puzzles can be a great place to start, progressing through to reading, audiobooks and even quizzes!

Connect with people

Physical distancing not social distancing. Maintain your relationships with people during this period by opting for video calls with friends and family. Simple tips such as this can be brilliant for ensuring that you are still talking to different types of people daily, interacting with others and keeping your mind active.

Sleep well

The cornerstone of your well being, ensure that you are sleeping well and resting up during this odd time. A good rest routine can help to maintain energy levels, mental well being and overall bodily health. Opt for heading to bed at the same time each night and waking at the same time each morning for a water tight regime.

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