Memory Gel 200

The 200 is simplified Memory Foam comfort. We’ve taken a layer of our advanced Cooling Gel and infused it into our Comfort Memory Foam for a soft, supple feel that enhances coolness and adapts to your body’s pressure points. The result: a better sleep and a better you

Flex Support Foam

Cool Comfort Gel

Memory Foam

Removable Cover

1. Mlily Quilted Gel-Memory Foam. Our sleep scientists have crafted a layer of specially quilted Comfort Memory Foam infused with our Mlily Cooling Gel for advanced pressure relief and a more refreshing feel. 2 cm

2. Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a bottom layer of our Flex Support Foam to provide you you with that extra level of support you need to sleep more completely. 13 cm

Available Sizes Width Length
Single 90cm 190cm
Twin 120cm 190cm
Double 135cm 190cm
King 150cm 200cm