Serene Mattress Topper

Just bought a new bed that you’re not happy with? Or maybe you’re just looking to get a better night’s sleep without the hassle of paying out for a whole new mattress? Let us introduce you to the Serene Topper. It’s built with our latest and highest-spec MLILY Comfort Foam, and it’s designed to mould to your natural contours, realigning your spine and creating a pressure free surface that eases joint and muscular pain. We’ve also stitched the exterior with our specialized 3D Mesh Fabric, ensuring air flows freely through the topper to create a breathable, cooler sleeping surface.

We offer two versions of our Serene Topper based on your needs. Our Serene 50 is thinner and more firm, ideal for people who are looking to enhance their current mattress whilst receiving the health benefits of sleeping on Mlily Memory Foam. Our Serene 70 is thicker and even more supportive, built for people who are suffering from back issues or who are exhausted with their current bed. Both products come with the same Mlily Better Night’s Sleep assurance.