Marathon Training and Sleep Health With Kelly Ruck

Autumn saw MLILY team up with ASICS Front Runner Kelly Ruck to discuss the importance of sleep health when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and training for a marathon.

Sleep is an essential part of healthy living for everyone, but for Kelly, the role of sleep plays a monumental role in her everyday training –having run both marathons and ultramarathons in the past.

‘If you’re training, sleep should be just as important as any other session you schedule. Our bodies need the time to recover, to rest, to grow and respond to the training stimulus.’

Kelly Ruck

As part of the collaboration between MLILY and Kelly, a series of posts were createddelving into the importance of sleep health and training.

Kelly was able to document her experience with the MLILY ambience pillow, incorporating it into her sleep routine to discover the results.

‘I’ve been including Mlily products into my sleep routine and have really felt the difference in my training and recovery time.

Our phones, in particular, emit large amounts of blue light that in turn reduces the number of hormones that help you achieve deep sleep. I try & keep it away from me, so I’m not tempted to pop in and check social media

Stay away from the caffeine. I love an evening cup of tea before bed, but it’s always decaf. There’s something quite soothing about enjoying a cuppa whilst getting lost in a book! 

Kelly Ruck

After recording her experience with the Ambience pillow and chatting to her followers on the importance of sleep, Kelly was also able to create a set of tips and tricks for the perfect evening sleep routine.

Many of Kelly’s tips and advice for a healthy sleep resonated with her viewers, from switching off electronics to avoiding the caffeine in the evening and optimising your sleep environment.

MLILY are proud of the partnerships they produce, helping to raise awareness on the importance of a good nights’ sleep, whether you’re running an ultra-marathon or just heading out the door, rest powers us through our days, and there’s nothing more important than a great night’s sleep.

‘Working alongside MLILY, I’ve been able to delve deeper into the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, particularly for runners, but also for overall well-being. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working together with Mlily, looking closer at healthier sleep routines and practices to benefit training and overall health. Thank you for helping to spread the message.’

Kelly Ruck

Head over to Kelly’s Instagram here to discover more about her journey.