Make Good Habits Stick #betterlife

Making great habits stick can be pretty tricky, yet establishing a healthy and happy routine filled with these beneficial habits can be one of the best movements towards a #betterlife.

Take a look below at our tips for cementing healthy habits into your everyday routine.

Remember Cues

Forming healthy habits definitely comes down to practice and simple reminders.

By connecting different activities with different points in the day, we can slowly work to link everything up.

For example, if you’ve told yourself that you’ll start heading for a run each morning, use waking up and grabbing a coffee as the cue for this, because as soon as these activities are done, you’ll be setting off on your run.

Consider Specifics

When you’re working on forming habits, it’s important to consider what these habits will involve.

For example, stating a broad aim of wanting to eat healthy can often come with slip ups and mistakes, with the topic lacking in a clear direction.

Consider instead, for example, that you would like to include more leafy greens in your diet, and decide that you’ll do this by blending them into smoothies; you can then work on making this into a habit.

Think About Yourself

It’s super important whilst forming habits to consider your personality and what ultimately suits you best.

Studies have shown that we are more likely to stick with an idea if the idea resonates with our own passions and enthusiasms; it can be tricky to form habits on certain activities and topics that we hate.

Take music for example, if you’re emotionally invested in the hobby, then it can be much easier to set time aside to practice, thus forming a healthy and productive habit.


Whilst some people can lock down a healthy habit within a few weeks, for some it can take months or even up to a year.

Adopting a different lifestyle or a daily hobby can be a very personal journey, and the key thing in all of this is not to give up and not to desist from bringing good habits into your life, because once they’re there, they tend to stay.

Choose The Right Time

If you’re working on cementing a new habit into your lifestyle, it’s important to consider this at the right time.

For example, events such as Christmas or summer holidays can usually throw routines out the window, making it difficult to stick with them, especially if the the vast majority of this routine consists of brand new ideas, goals and habits.

Choose a pretty uneventful time in your life to start a new regime, by the time special occasions roll around you would have cracked the key to sticking to your goals and living for a #betterlife.

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