Keeping Fit At Home #betterlife

Although health, fitness and working out are brilliant factors of life, for many, it can be difficult to find the time to head to a gym in amongst the stresses and pressures of modern day working life.

Despite time constraints, no one should have to miss out.

Not only is exercise great for our physical health- including our sleep- it can also be a great aid for mental health as well, boosting endorphins and releasing dopamine, it makes us feel good and has been hailed as a suitable way to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

With exercise carrying so many benefits, check out these top tips here on how to work out at home.

Skip the need for a gym membership, you can get all the benefits of exercise from your living room!

Set out and clear a fitness space

It’s handy to have a space to work out at home in.

Although it can be tricky and may involve moving around a few things, maybe even tables and chairs, clearing a space to exercise gets you in the mind-set for working out, as you are making room to essentially get moving.

Pick your favourite work outs

Choose a few of your favourite work outs for when you’re short on time.

Pulling a quick cardio work out of the bag when you’re stressed out can be the perfect way to spend your lunch break!

Set aside time and time manage

Pick your favourite work out time! If you’re facing a busy day ahead, working out in the morning is probably the best idea.

One of the perks of working out at home is having no gym commute, meaning morning work outs are a little less painful.

If you’re looking to work out in the evening, place your work out gear by your front door, it’s the first thing you’ll see when you get in from work in the evening and can be a great incentive to get moving before you sit down to rest.

Grab some apps

Get downloading those apps! There are plenty of apps that cater to working out and maintaining a fitness routine. Fancy a quick work out?

Try the seven-minute app. Want to track your calories? Give my fitness pal a go! If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, head online, there’s definitely an app for what you’d like to try!

Head online for good content

If you’re struggling for workout inspiration, head online and grab some workout videos from sites such as YouTube. Fitness Blender have hundreds of videos on their platform, catering to different levels of fitness across a range of differing work outs- meaning that if you’re stuck for inspiration, hop onto YouTube.

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