Julia Powell’s Art

When it comes to creativity, sleep can play a very important role, something that artist Julia Powell is all too aware of.

April saw MLILY team up with the talented Julia Powell to create a piece of art that represents the main ethos’ of the company: a better life – and a great nights’ sleep.

Julia completed a wonderful recreation of our better life hearts in strikingly bold oil paint – which was then snapped and uploaded to both Julia and MLILY’s instagram for followers to enjoy.

Julia was keen to get involved in the project due to the importance of sleep when it comes to her art, as she often comes up with ideas as she snoozes.

‘‘I often think about paintings and painting ideas just before I’m going to sleep. Sleep can be a great boost for my creativity, whilst dreams are a constant source of inspiration for my work. I’ve enjoyed working with MLILY, using my art to represent the importance of a good nights’ rest‘‘

Julia Powell

The design, whilst beautiful, also represents a larger theme – creativity, something that is powered by sleep and motivated by dreams.

Head over to Julia’s page to see more of her stunning work.