How Winter Affects Our Health #betterlife

Winter can definitely be a time for change, with darker nights, colder days and coughs and sniffles on the air, it can also have an effect on our health. Take a look below at the main health factors of winter, from dry skin through to fatigue and cardiovascular health, as well as browsing our tips on how to manage and avoid them for a better life.

Sedentary Habits

Cold, rainy or snowy weather during the winter months can cause people to reduce their exercise levels, opting instead to bunker down indoors.

Lack of exercise can often lower immunity, making us more susceptible to winter colds.

Opt for a home workout to ensure that you’re getting in that cardio even during the most miserable of days – weather wise.

There are plenty of options online to browse, from yoga routines through to HIIT and cardio guides.

Dry Skin

Winter can definitely be very drying on our skin, with cold winds and air leading to chapped lips or sore elbows and knees. If you’re experiencing dryness, opt for a moisture rich body wash and moisturise often.

Invest in lip salve with a SPF protection barrier in it to protect against the sun, and don’t forget to use sun screen, the sun can be out in the winter too.

Vitamin D

During the winter months, general exposure to the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D can be lacking, especially on cloudy, wet days. Opt for a simple vitamin D supplement to aid your bodies’ production of the vitamin.

These supplements can be super cheap, and can be purchased from your local supermarket or pharmacist.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, often known as SAD is a mental health condition that can manifest in some people during the cold months. Symptoms vary from depressed mood through to anxiety and lack of energy.

To counteract SAD, ensure plenty of exercise, time outside, healthy eating, vitamin D supplements and good sleep. If you’re still feeling the effects, a trip to your local GP to talk about your experience might be the solution.

Low Temperatures

Low temperatures can definitely wreak havoc on our body, encouraging colds and muscles aches.

Ensure you’re layered up sufficiently during the colder months, opting for thermal clothing if you have to. If you’re exercising outside, ensure that you’re sportswear is appropriate for colder temperatures.