How To Switch Off This Christmas #betterlife

Looking forward to the Christmas holidays?

Take a look at our tips below for switching off this Christmas, from turning off technology through to stepping into a new routine.

Step Back From Technology

The Christmas period can be a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, free from the distractions of everyday working life. If you’re someone who tends to cling onto the stresses of work, whether that’s by checking your phone or heading online, then you could be missing out on the relaxation time of the festive period.

A great way to get around this is to switch off your phone and leave it in another room. if you’re a serial email checker, try temporarily deleting the email app on your phone, less temptation to open it up.

Get Planning

Worried you’ll be so stressed over the festive period that it will be tricky to switch off?

Opt for planning out your days in the month leading up to the festive period, noting down when you’ll be seeing loved ones, planning christmassy days out or when you’ll be doing the festive food shop, this can be wonderful for taking the holiday in your stride.


If you’re worried that you’ll be stressed over the festive period, take you time to prepare, planning times when you’ll be able to ‘check in’ to work, whilst making sure to not be overwhelmed or sucked into the stress of it.

This can be a great way to set yourself some boundaries, whilst still keeping an eye on things and keeping the balance.

Avoid Rushing

Don’t rush over the festive period.ย  If you try to fit far too much into the whole experience of Christmas, it can make for an overwhelming time. Spread your activities evenly over the festive period, making allowance for everything.

In addition, don’t get too stressed if you fail to do everything, just focus on the present.

Make This Your New Routine

If you’re someone who thrives off your work routine, then don’t drop this consistency, simply make Christmas your new routine.

Whether that’s waking at the same time each day or still enjoying the same food you make for yourself whilst at work, keeping similar factors of your work routine going whilst on holiday can be great for consistency.

Work out each morning before work? Still keep this up, but instead of heading to the office after a run, enjoy a day with family.

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