How to stop caffeine interfering with sleep

Caffeine- the substance that helps us face the day, found in favourites such as coffee, tea and certain fizzy drinks. It’s the drug that promotes alertness, called a ‘stimulant’, meaning it’s great for helping us focus through the day.

If you’re starting to find that you consume a lot more caffeine than needed, and it is effecting your sleep- we’ve put together some tips to help you limit your daily intake.

Don’t drink caffeine after 2pm

Your body takes around 3-6 hours to break down caffeine in your system, so you’re still likely to still have it in your body if you drink in the late afternoon, with the likelihood of it disturbing your sleep.

Limit your daily intake

Some days require more caffeine, but if you’re finding yourself drinking lots of coffee each day it could be effecting your sleep and ability to switch off later in the evening. If you tend to drink it daily, your body builds a resistance to it. It is recommended that 3-4 cups of coffee a day is the maximum amount we should be drinking.

Switch up your drinks

Trying other drinks throughout the day is a great way to avoid over drinking caffeine. Opt for healthy options such as fruit infused water, fruit juices and herbal tea.

Try Decaf

Different brands of coffee and tea tend to have different caffeine strengths. Determine which brands you find to be stronger and aim to limit the amount of these you drink on a daily basis.