How to Stay Relaxed on Holiday ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ›ซ

When the idea of a holiday comes to mind, many of us like to think of relaxing and doing little to nothing for the duration.ย 

Despite this, there are plenty of activities which can draw us away from this relaxation whilst on holiday, with factors such as exercise and even technology disrupting the experience.ย 

If you’ve ever returned from holiday feeling much more exhausted and stressed than you did before jetting off, the chances are that you probably never switched off in the first place.

Take a look below at our tips for relaxing to the max on holiday, to discover how much you really do need a break.ย 

Give Your Body a Break.

Whilst there are plenty of fitness themed holidays which suit people, for many, the idea of a holiday mainly centres around relaxation for the mind and body.

Although it can be tricky to switch off from intensive exercise, especially if you’re someone who works out often, take a moment whilst away to relax your body and you’ll soon start to feel much more rested and energetic.

If you’re still looking to incorporate some fitness, try some simple yoga or walking whilst enjoying the sunshine.

Detach Yourself From Work.

Although it can be tempting to do, it’s important to remember why you booked the holiday in the first place.

Whether it was to spend more time with friends and family, enjoy peace and quiet by yourself or to delve into a new adventure, the original theme is still the same: time off work.

If you fail to disconnect from the office, it can be tricky to really embrace your holiday.

Simple acts such as deleting emails on your phone and setting an auto reply can be a great place to start, as well as leaving your phone on aeroplane mode throughout the day.

Feeling lost without your phone? Grab a book and get delving into the plot to distract yourself.

Practice Some Mindfulness.

It can be pretty easy to slip into feelings of guilt whilst being away on holiday, whether it’s caused by the detachment from work or influenced by the usual activities of every home life, from doing the food shop through to watering your plants!

A great way to avoid the guilt is to practice mindfulness, reminding yourself each and every morning why you deserve the holiday, and thinking over just how hard you’ve worked in the past year.

No matter the circumstance, it’s important to take time in life for leisure, and it’s even more important to recognise that it’s completely okay to enjoy your holiday while it lasts.