How to Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter

Put workout gear by your bed

It can be difficult to find the motivation to jump straight into a work out after waking up early in the morning. A great way to get around this reluctance is to put your workout clothes on the floor right next to your bed, this way they’ll be the first thing you’ll see as you wake in the morning- the perfect incentive to get up and moving.

Prepare your breakfast for the morning

Heading out for a work out can be easy if there’s a tasty breakfast waiting at home for your return. Prepping your morning meal is super easy. Check out our top healthy breakfast guides back on the blog home page, there’s a great recipe for overnight oats!

Get a good night sleep

It’s an unavoidable fact that in order to exercise, we need energy, and energy comes from sleep. Nailing a reliable and structured sleep pattern will mean that you’ll be able to wake in the mornings with ease and have enough energy to start your day with a workout.

Find a work out buddy!

Working out can be a much more enjoyable experience if you’ve got someone to do it with! Finding yourself a workout buddy will get you up and moving as you won’t want to let your friend down.

Choose an uplifting alarm

Alarms have a reputation for representing tiredness and smashing into our serene sleep. You don’t have to pick an upbeat dance song, but by choosing a song that motivates you and ultimately makes you happy, you’re more likely to get up and moving, instead of just smashing that snooze button.

Set your own personal goals

When it comes to working out in the morning, it’s important to set your own goals and try not to compare yourself to anyone. Making a workout schedule could be a great place to start and ticking off an exercise each morning can be a great motivation boost.

Get under water

Our bodies tend to take longer to wake up in the winter months due to the lack of sunlight and its effect on our circadian rhythms.  A great way to wake ourselves up is to get under water, hopping in the shower really helps to wake up sleep heads. Another great tip is to drink ice cold water, this definitely shocks our bodies into feeling awake.

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