How to stay healthy over Easter

During the Easter holidays, it’s tempting to over-indulge when surrounded by chocolate eggs and sweet treats. If you’re sticking to a healthy regime this Spring, we’ve put together some tips that could help you curb those sweet cravings.

Try dark chocolate

Eat cocoa-rich/dark chocolate instead of milk (which is 70% or more.) Dark chocolate is a much better option, as there are many health benefits. It is full of antioxidants which can help to boost brain power, prevent cell damage and inflammation & lower cholesterol. As it’s so rich, you won’t feel tempered to over indulge, too. What’s not to love?

Fill up on eggs

Not the chocolate kind, but actual eggs. They’re a great source of protein and are proven to keep us fuller for longer, helping to curb any sweet cravings you may have. In the morning, start with a hearty breakfast of poached egg on wholemeal bread or scrambled eggs.

Take an Easter walk

Get some fresh air and exercise with an Easter stroll this weekend. Now that we’re into Spring, it’s a good chance to make the most of the temperature changes, longer days and blossoming nature. It’s good motivation for keeping your body healthy and active.

Eat smaller meals more often

The benefits of smaller, more frequent meals through-out the day? Your energy levels aren’t likely to dip over the course of the day, and you’ll stay fuller for longer, and prevent those unhealthy binges.

Choose healthy drinks in-between meals

Drinks such as healthy smoothies or fruit juices are a clever way to combat any cravings in-between meals, and with so many great tasting smoothie options, it makes it even easier to get your 5-a-day in.


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