How to Start Running

Have you considered running during lockdown?

Taking up running can be a great way to shake up your fitness. 

Not only is a daily dose of jogging great for your health, it’s also a great method of ensuring a better sleep and has also been proven to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Running also offers up the opportunity of a fitness routine, and allows people to slowly build up their endurance and physical stamina when it comes to their cardio.

So, if you’re looking to get into running- here’s where to start.

Pick a race!

It might seem like a drastic first step to take, but by picking a race, signing up and confirming your place, you’ve instantly created a goal to work towards!

Once you’ve set a date, you can now work out a training plan.

Just get moving

If you’re thinking about starting running, the best thing to do is to build up your cardio and endurance by simply moving more.

Walk or cycle into work, run up the stairs in your house and walk to the local store a few weeks before starting your first run, small changes like this can really make a difference.

When you do start running, use the first week as a trial period, seeing how far you can get each day before stopping- use the average of these amounts to work out where to start on your run distance, and then gradually increase this distance each week!

Start a routine

Start a running routine. Try to run at the same time each day and for a set amount of time.

This builds up a reliable routine and will also mean that your body is familiar with the time of day exercise usually occurs.

Choose your rewards

Choose those rewards! In the first few weeks, running can be hard, so pick a few treats to indulge in afterwards.

Whether it’s a big bubble bath or watching your favourite series, working towards something really makes a difference.

Get the right gear

Although during the first few weeks of running, you’ll probably be wearing a mis-match of clothes, getting professional running gear further into your journey can be a great motivation for continuing with your progress.

Feeling good and looking good can really be a confidence boost when it comes to exercise!

Build up slowly

Although you might have booked a race when starting out on your running journey, try not to treat your training as one!

Starting slowly and building up your cardio, strength and ability is much more beneficial than rushing the process.

Perfecting a running routine correctly means a massive increase in cardio which lasts much longer than if you were to rush the whole experience!

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