How To Make A Sleep Hamper #HappyMothersDay

If you’re currently unable to see your mother during this odd time, then a brilliant, caring gift is to compile a sleep hamper for them.

Easy to put together, yet super effective, sleep hampers are ideal gifts for Mother’s Day!

Check out our pick of the best sleep hamper items, from herbal teas through to eye masks and bath products- there are plenty of options to consider!

Essential Oils

There are plenty of essential oils which are brilliant for promoting sleep, the most well known of which being lavender.

Just a few drops of lavender in an evening bath, tumble dried into bed sheets or sprinkled over a pillow – can be perfect for promoting sleep.

Pop a little bottle of lavender oil into the hamper to promote a deep, good quality rest.

Bath Salts

Having a bath before heading to bed can be a great way to boost your sleep quality.

Our bodies naturally cool as we fall to sleep, so the high rise in temperature whilst in the bath followed by a quick cooling period after getting out, really helps us to feel drowsy and can be great for promoting a deep sleep.

Pop some bath salts into the hamper, preferably lavender or jasmine scented!

Eye Mask

Light exposure is directly linked to feeling awake, meaning that any slither of light for a person suffering with insomnia or having trouble sleeping can be a real issue and nuisance.

Pop an eye mask into the hamper to completely block out light and promote a healthy, deep sleep.

You can pick one up very cheap online in a variety of colours and patterns.

Herbal Teas

There is nothing more soothing than herbal tea.

They can be brilliant enjoyed in the evening before rest and promote a heating and cooling of the body, which in turn promotes drowsiness.

Herbal teas are also perfect as a natural sleep aid, with varieties such as chamomile and dandelion promoting rest, whilst ginger and peppermint can be brilliant for aiding digestion throughout the night.

You can get herbal teas in a variety of flavours, brands and prices from all major food stores, pop a few in the sleep hamper for ultimate relaxation.

Hot Water Bottle

Feeling safe and comfortable are two big requirements when it comes to a good nights’ sleep, and a hot water bottle can really work to help with this.

Just pop one into the hamper to be filled up before heading to bed.

If you’re gifting the hamper to a younger family member or friend, then opt for a heated pillow which can be placed into the microwave and is able to keep its warmth for hours.


It definitely depends on the person, but for some, soothing music can be a great sleep aid, allowing them to drift off peacefully into slumber.

It’s super simple to create a playlist as a present, opt for streaming sites such as Spotify or iTunes, if this isn’t possible, you can always use YouTube to create a list of tunes before sending the link to a friend in need.


Several studies have shown that people fall asleep much faster and into a much more deep slumber whilst reading a book, as opposed to people who opt for screen time before heading to bed.

The monotony of reading tends to incite drowsiness, in comparison to the blue light glare of the TV.

Throw in some well known books when creating the hamper, make sure they’re light, easy reading, and the receiver of the hamper will be snoozing before they know it!

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