How to Get Organised

A healthy relationship with organisation stands as the cornerstone for a healthy and happy life and can be very beneficial for people who tend to be rushed off their feet for most of their day.

Through organising our everyday actions, there is the opportunity to set aside time for rest, play and work, allowing ourselves to avoid feelings of guilt and stress.

Although the positives of an organised life are evident, for many, taking the first steps to get there can be tricky.

Follow these tips here for an organised world and leave the rest to us.

Try your best to write everything down

Don’t over complicate your life by trying to keep important dates in your head. Writing down information, dates and key events can be a great way to start your organisation journey. Another great tip is to create a ‘to-do’ list each morning to keep you on track and motivated to complete the next task.

Work out a routine that suits you

Work out a routine catered for and based entirely around you. It might take a few attempts, but a stable routine can be a brilliant way to balance all areas of your life and get everything into your day.

Avoid procrastination (yet don’t feel bad if you can’t at times!)

Procrastination can be the weakness of even the most organised. The best way to combat it is to recognise when it is happening and take the opportunity to sit back, take a breather and stop, before moving onto your present task.


A healthy work space is a healthy mind, a regular de-clutter will help you to feel more organised and ready for the day ahead armed with a clean sheet.

Invest in a calendar

If you live alone, invest in a calendar to place by your bed. If you lived with family or friends, then putting a calendar in a communal space like the kitchen can be a great way to encourage people to write in what they are up to in the week.

Make the most of your productive days

We’re not always feeling our best, but when we are, it’s important to make the most of it. If you wake up feeling super productive and ready to move, then make the most of it and try not to shy from the feeling. Head straight to making a ‘to do’ list and go from there!

Nail your sleeping pattern

A healthy and organised life all starts with a healthy sleep. Sorting out a strict sleeping pattern will mean that you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. If you wake up feeling super, try a quick work out before starting your day for an added energy boost.

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