How To Fight Winter Fatigue #betterlife

During the colder months, getting out of bed in the morning can definitely be a tough experience.

New studies have shown that 97 per cent of us actually feel tired in some shape or form on a daily basis, a worrying statistic indeed!

From the darker mornings to the shorter days and the cold weather, there are plenty of factors that can impact energy levels in the winter, leading us to down pints of coffee everyday.

If you’re one of the many who are struggling through the winter tiredness, take a look at these tips below for boosting energy during the cold months.

Get Outdoors

A great way to boost your energy and to beat the winter fatigue is to get outside in the fresh air and nature! Just half an hour outdoors can boost our serotonin levels and help to banish the groggy felling of cold, dark mornings.

Sunlight exposure is especially important during the colder months as it helps to reset our internal sleep cycle, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm. Open the blinds in the morning and try to get outside as much as possible, whether that’s walking to work or heading to the shops on foot.

Opt for Clean Sleeping

It’s a well known fact that too little sleep can make us feel exhausted the following day, especially during the winter months when fatigue tends to come hand in hand with cold weather.

Similar to under sleeping, sleep too much can also have a pretty detrimental affect on overall well being, leading to feelings of grogginess come the morning time.

A great way to fight these two extremes is to practice clean sleeping, heading to bed at a reasonable time and waking at the same time each morning. This pattern allows our minds to adapt to and adopt the new routine, leading to clear headed mornings, whatever the season.

Eat for the Winter

Although reaching for the caffeine is a tempting prospect during the winter months, an over consumption of caffeine can lead to headaches and even more fatigue!

One cup of coffee in the morning is all we need to get up and moving, and when it comes to energy levels dropping in the afternoon, seek to power yourself with hearty, healthy winter food instead.

Oats can be a wonderful way to start a winter morning, packed with b vitamins, fibre and calcium from the milk, whilst opting for freshly made hot soups at lunch can also be a great way to pack in those winter vegetables for a better life!

Trying to avoid caffeine? Try a cup of hot peppermint tea in the afternoon for a healthy pick-me-up!

Keep Moving

During times of low energy and fatigue, the last thing many of us want to do is to head outside for a run or head to the gym. Despite reservations, exercise is the actually the best solution for fatigue!

The quick release of endorphins and serotonin can be amazing for boosting energy and mood levels, whilst the increased cardio and heart rate are perfect for waking our bodies up on winter mornings.

Struggle to find the motivation? Opt for a warm shower each morning before working out and leave your workout clothes by the bed so they’re the first thing you see each morning!