How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Check out this handy guide for eating healthy on a budget, so that you can not only make a resolution, but turn that resolution into a life change, and stick with it from now on.

Eating healthy is often viewed as the expensive and time consuming option, yet with a little bit of planning, it’s super easy to eat healthy and to in-turn improve your sleep, aid your digestion, increase your energy levels and strengthen your health!

Check out how to reinvent your diet for a budget price below.

Meal plan.

For the majority of people, the stresses of modern day living often mean that healthy eating can fall by the road side – this is where meal planning and prepping comes in. By working out your meals for the whole week in advance, you’re much more likely to purchase the correct amount of food, serve the correct portion sizes and ensure that your food is healthy and balanced.

Prepping everything in advance also really saves on cash, as prepared and packaged food is great to grab for lunch on the go.

Purchase frozen.

When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, frozen produce is the best way to go.

Not only are frozen fruit and vegetables extremely affordable, they’re also packed full of more vitamins and minerals than fresh, as they’re often frozen immediately after being picked, locking in the goodness.

They also keep for months in the freezer and won’t go off before you’ve had the chance to use them up.

Embrace home cooking and cut the fast food.

Embracing home cooked food is on the best ways to eat healthy whilst on a budget. Not only does it avoid snacking and purchasing food whilst out and about, it’s also handy for removing the need for fast food.

Have a few meat free days.

When it comes to food shopping, meat and dairy tend to rank pretty high on price. In a bid to save a few pennies and opt for a healthier lifestyle, try out a meat free day in the week. You’ll find that your food is ready fast and you’ll really enjoy the healthier option.

Bulk buy!

Although it can seem counterproductive to spend lots of money bulk buying when you’re trying to save on the pennies, bulk buying is the best way to stock up on cupboard essentials whilst maintaining a healthy diet. Purchasing supplies such as whole grain rice, pasta and oats in large quantities will mean that you’ll always have your essentials and therefore, you’ll always be in the position to cook up healthy dishes.

Grow your own.

Fresh herbs are great for adding to dishes, but tend to go out of date fast. The best way to get around this is to grow your own, this way they’re always available when you need them.

Opt for potted herbs and you’ll always have the correct ingredients for your healthy dishes.

Opting to grow lavender can also be a great way to aid sleep, whilst fresh mint can be dropped into herbal teas during yourย  night time routine.

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