How does our community influence our health? #betterlife

In the wake of COVID_19, human relationships and communities have struggled with both social distancing rules and the constant threat of infection, having a detrimental affect on our mood and overall well being.

We may not realise it all the time, but human interaction is vital to our happiness, energy, mood and growth as an individual. Take a look at some facts below on the impact of social interaction with friends and loved ones.

A recent study has found that 1 in 10 people aged 18-24 often or always feel lonely, clearly showing that a lack of interaction with others can have a jarring affect.

Take a look at the perks of communicating with others below:

-Strong relationships can allow people to feel supported and cared for, boosting mood and allowing people to believe in themselves and their achievements.

-Community cohesion also plays a huge role in high mood, even in lockdown, letting your family and friends know that you care can massively increase spirits.

-Opportunities for social growth and community work can be amazing for boosting your mood. Shared allotments, gardens and community projects can be a brilliant place to start

-Shared empowerment. A brilliant mood boost can be to get involved in the local happenings of your area, from litter picks for giving back to the community through the charity and bake sales.

Simple human interactions can be a brilliant way to boost your mood and energy, after all, it’s in our nature to be communal.

Take a look at these tips for keeping connected in lockdown:

-phone a friend.
Picking up the phone to a friend or family member can be incredible for pulling you out of a low mood.

-Group chat.
The ability to see people’s faces and to recognise their smile can be amazing for delivering a sense of belonging and community without meeting in person.

-socially distanced picnics.
As the months get hotter, opt for a socially distanced picnic in your local park with friends and family. Not only is it brilliant to see loved ones, the extra vitamin D can be incredible for boosting your mood and supporting your health.

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