Healthy Diet and Mental Well Being

Did you know that food can affect mood?

It can be easy to reach for comforting, but unhealthy foods, causing fatigue, energy crashes and low mood. Take a look at our guidance below on healthy eating and mental well-being, for a better life and a boosted mood. 


When it comes to eating healthy for your mind, balance is the most important factor to consider.
Creating a balanced diet helps not only your body but your mental health too. Everything in moderation is a great ethos to go by, from caffeine to fruit and vegetables – discover what works for you, & have fun with it.


Routine has been shown to keep your mind healthy, establishing a routine with your diet can be great for initiating a routine for your mental health. Opt for small, regular meals throughout the day, this way you can be reminded to eat even when you’re at your most stressed, a time when most people allow food to fall on the roadside. Stopping to eat also allows your mind to stop & reset, taking a break from stress & go back into the situation with a fresh, refuelled outlook.

5 A Day

Fruit and Veg are packed with minerals and vitamins, wonderful for keeping us on top of our game throughout the day.
A good portion of fruit is packed with vitamin C, perfect for fighting off colds, which could lead to you becoming more stressed. If you struggle to involve fruit and veg in your diet, try morning smoothies or blend vegetables into sauces to disguise them perfectly.


When we’re stressed or upset, simple tasks can seem the most arduous, even one as simple as drinking water. Keeping hydrated is incredibly vital for brain health, with our bodies being made up of over 70% of water, it just makes sense!
Adequate hydration allows us to think clearly and concentrate well, try to aim for 6-8 glasses daily for optimum brain health. If you’re struggling to get this amount in, purchase a portable bottle to carry with you, some even have markers on them to drink to that point by a certain time.

Gut Health

If you eat rubbish, you feel rubbish.
Your gut reflects how you are feeling emotionally, and if you’re stressed and anxious, then your gut tends to feel the same. A great way to support gut health is to ensure that you’re consuming plenty of fibre, fresh fruit, veg and water.
If you’re experiencing digestive issues due to stress, go for healthy gut bacteria supplements, they’re great for restoring the natural balance.


Protein is packed full of amino acids, vital for your brain health, and brilliant for powering you throughout the day. Try for a protein-rich diet to not only help the functioning of your brain but also support your energy levels as the day goes on.

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