Healthy Winter Warming Drinks #betterlife

Winter can definitely be a time for hot drinks and sugary treats, especially during the colder evenings.

Despite the desire to each for the sweet stuff, it can become pretty easy to over indulge, leading to plenty of caffeinated drinks and unwelcome sugar rushes.

Take a look at our list of health winter drinks below, to keep you warm and refreshed in the colder months.ย 

Hot Honey and Lemon

Hot honey and lemon can be a great drink for enjoying during the colder months. Not only is it super soothing on any sore throats and noses, it’s also packed full of vitamin C, perfect for boosting immunity and warding off those winter colds.

The inclusion of honey can also help to bolster defences as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

Enjoy on cold evenings for the perfect, relaxing beverage.

Green Tea

Green tea can be a great addition to any diet, aiding the immune system and the metabolism, especially important during the darker winter evenings and heavy seasonal food.

Opt for a splash of manuka medicinal honey with it if the taste is a little sour for you.

Mint Tea

Mint tea can be a great way to start any cold winter morning. Packed with refreshing tones, it can be great for kickstarting the digestive system and helping with any morning bloat.

Try making one in a reusable cup to take along to work with you.

Black Coffee

Looking for a caffeine hit early morning, without the sugar? Opt for a simple black coffee each day, perfect for giving you that energy boost, without the added cream and refined sugars.


Chai is a delicious tea blend, merging sweet and fiery spices into one drink. If you’re looking to make your chai a little more healthy, opt for skimmed milk or an milk alternative such as soya.

Chai can be perfect for a winter drink as not only does it smell like christmas, it’s also packed with anti inflammatory spices such as cinnamon, as well as naturally occuring sweetness in vanilla.

Ginger Tea

Not only is ginger tea perfect for settling your stomach after a large meal in the winter evenings, it can also be perfect for aiding your immunity and energy levels. Add some lemon and a dash of honey into the drink to really make it pop.

This can be great enjoyed just before bedtime, ensure that you grab caffeine free bags!