Healthy, Productive Home #betterlife

As the nights get longer and we retreat back into our homes, it’s important to ensure that the environment we surround ourselves with is both healthy and productive.

From house plants through to opening the windows, there are plenty of steps that you can take to ensure that you’re home is good for you.ย 

Take a look below at our top tips for a healthy home, a better life and a great sleep.

House Plants

House plants are a brilliant way to bring in nature to the home. Not only do they look great, they’re also excellent at taking co2 from the air and emitting oxygen in its place.

Opt for house plants that are easy to look after, such as aloe vera, palm and ferns, these need watering only a few times a week and look amazing.

Another tip for house plants is to theme them to each room, for example, incorporating a lavender plant into your bedroom can be perfect for encouraging rest and relaxation.

Bring in the Light

Homes thrive on light. Not only does it deliver a good dose of vitamin D through the windows, sunlight can also boost our mood and make us feel much more awake.

Sunlight makes us feel good because it’s packed with serotonin boosting properties, and by allowing it to shine throughout the house via windows permits the winter sun in – without the cold.

Fancy more light? Try painting your walls a light colour, this allows the sunlight to bounce around the room.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is an essential part of a healthy home, especially since new studies have found that the air inside living spaces can be up to five times more polluted than outside.

Not only are homes infiltrated by cooking smells, they can also be contaminated by strong house hold cleaning products. A great way to ensure that your home is healthy would be to let certain rooms air out each day.

Upon waking, open your bedroom window and shut the bedroom door, this allows your bedroom to be aired whilst you’re going about your daily business.

Other great rooms to air would be the bathroom and the kitchen.

Stay Stocked Up

A great addition to any home is a well stocked kitchen cupboard.

Having all your necessities can help to ensure that fast food and takeaways are avoided and the house is made a home by daily cooking with friends and family for a betterlife.