Healthy Happy Christmas #betterlife

Despite Christmas being associated with over indulgence and generally feeling a little full and a little unhealthy, there are definitely options that allow us to enjoy a healthy, happy Christmas. Take a look at a few of our tips and tricks below.

Don’t Sit All Day

Christmas Day is often linked to sitting down and lounging all day, whilst this is definitely an enjoyable part of the overall festivities, it’s important to avoid sitting down for the entirety of the day.

Opting for a simple winter walk with your family can be great for getting your energy levels up and for boosting your mood, it can also mean that you’re ready to enjoy your evening meal after your Christmas lunch.

Avoid Eating Too Much

Although the Christmas period is definitely a time for indulgence, it’s important to not give yourself a Christmas stuffing. Studies show that we consume an average of 3000 calories in a Christmas lunch, our entire calorie count for the whole day! Whilst there is nothing inherently bad with eating too much, it can lead to rather painful indigestion and heartburn.

When you’re enjoying your food, wait around ten minutes before diving back in for more, by then you’ll probably feel that you’ve actually had enough.

Don’t Stress

A healthy, happy Christmas also comes down to how we’re feeling over the festive period. If we’re overly stressed, the experience can feel like a chore when it’s meant to be a relaxing and happy time.

Focus on de-stressing in the days leading up to Christmas, tying up loose ends with work and finalising everything, this way you’ll step into the festive period ready to enjoy yourself.

Eat Fruit

Many of us tend to go through the Christmas holidays only eating the satsuma at the bottom of our Christmas stocking.

A great way to ensure you’re getting in vitamins and minerals is to opt for fruit with your breakfast each day throughout the festive period. Not only is this healthy, it’s also a great way to strengthen your immune system and to fight off any winter colds.

Think Before You Eat

It can be tempting to reach for anything that is put down in front of you during the Christmas celebrations.

Before reaching for the food, think about whether you really want it, or if you’re just picking because it’s in front of you, and you feel that you have to try.

Do Something For Others

Christmas can definitely be a time for indulgence, but it can also be a healthy and happy affair when you do stuff for others.

Whether it’s sending a card and present to an elderly person on your street or baking some mince pies for the local food bank, giving back to others is a wonderful way to spend Christmas.

Engage Your Brain

Keep you brain engaged over the Christmas period.

Whether that’s reading books or taking part in evening board games such as trivial pursuit, keeping up your mental ability can be a great way to avoid the numbness of Christmas television and rich food.

Cook Carefully

Cook carefully. For a healthy Christmas, ensure all meat is cooked through and don’t leave cooked plates of food on the side for too long.

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