Healthy Autumn Lockdown Tips

Are you back in lockdown?

Whilst the prospect of tighter rules can definitely cause frustration, there are plenty of activities still to do as the country looks towards another possible, autumn quarantine. Take a look at our tips, tricks and guidance below…

Keep walking!

Although the weather is definitely getting colder, this doesn’t mean walking outdoors is out of the question.

Heading out for a stroll in the colder months can strengthen immunity, boost metabolism, increase happiness, improve mood and work towards increasing cardio ability! Wrap up warm and socially distance to keep safe, happy and healthy.

Get baking!

Autumn can be the perfect time to do some home baking, as the nights get colder and the bakeries close…

Opt for adding a healthy twist to your bakes, by replacing sugar with mashed banana, boosting your fibre with wholewheat flour and even baking your own daily bread!

Keep in touch!

Similar to lockdown in the summer, keeping in touch with friends and family is still incredibly important. Opt for phoning a friend each day or hosting weekly quizzes on zoom to boost your mood and keep your hopes up as the months get colder and the nights get darker.

Socially distance and wear your mask

There’s still the opportunity to head into public for a trip to a cafe or a weekend brunch, but make sure that you keep to the rules of the establishment to stay safe, happy and healthy.

Spending time outdoors around others can be wonderful for boosting mental health and improving energy levels.

Keep healthy!

Staying healthy during winter lockdown can be incredibly vital for overall well being.

Ensure healthy, balanced meals, plenty of fruit and veg, brilliant hydration, healthy sleep and daily exercise to keep your body firing on all cylinders and ready to fight off any coughs and sniffles.

Keep organised

Working from home as the days get colder can be tricky as the night’s get longer and the temptation to finish work early and head to bed get’s strong. Opt for organising your days, planning your mornings and daily walking at lunchtime to keep you alert and ready for each day in lockdown.

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