Health in the Home #betterlife

For many of us currently spending plenty of time within our houses, it can be difficult to consider that certain aspects of our home lives could be affecting our health.ย 

From sugar packed cupboards through to poor lighting and a lack of fresh air, home living can really mess with our systems.

Discover how to prevent this below…

Poorly Stocked Cupboards

With much more time now being spent within the comfort of our own homes, trips to the kitchen have become a regular occurrence.

A great way to save on unhealthy choices is to ensure that your kitchen is stocked with whole foods and healthy options.

Struggling to keep food fresh for longer? Opt for purchasing frozen vegetables and fruit in order to keep your healthy lifestyle on track from home, whizzing fruit into morning smoothies or dropping frozen veg into your hot dishes come evening time.

Phones and laptops in the bedroom

The nighttime blue glow of phones and laptops can not only affect our sleep health and quality, having our electronic devices so close to our grasp from bed can often affect our motivation and drive to get up and moving in the morning.

To ensure a healthy lifestyle from home, opt for an alarm clock and leave all electronic devices out of the room for maximum energy and boosted mood come the morning.

Too much light

With the summer months upon us, it can be easy to allow far too much light into our bedrooms during the night. Studies have shown that a drop in the sleep hormone melatonin has been linked to light exposure during sleeping hours and a drop in melatonin leads to poor quality rest.

Waking up with after a poor night sleep can not only mess with our energy levels, it can often lead us to make poor decisions when it comes to food, reaching for sugary, energy packed options instead of healthier choices.

Invest in some black out blinds or a sleep mask for night times in lockdown to ensure maximum energy come the morning.

Cozy Living Room?

Is your living room far too cozy? Whilst the idea of a cozy living space may seem important during this time, sitting on the sofa until it’s time to head to bed can be detrimental to our health.

A great idea is to finish up work in the afternoon and head for an evening walk, lessening the time spent in your living room and increasing cardiovascular health in the meantime too.

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