Happy World Sleep Day!

Today marks World Sleep Day, a time to reflect on the importance of sleep in our everyday lives and our overall health.

MLILY are proud to celebrate today with our partners Manchester United. From shoots through to interviews and product testing, there’s always something going on over at Old Trafford or the AON Training Complex.

We went to Old Trafford for a photoshoot with the team, giving the players the chance to discover products and designs, from Dream 4000 pillows, with nano cool technology, through to the ambience pillow, packed with Mlily Memory Foam and Temperature Cooling Particle Technology.

See if you can perform like a Manchester United athlete by checking out these simple tips below, keeping you on top of your game every day for a better life and a brilliant sleep. Take a look below for tips on how to improve your recovery and performance.


Losing just 1-2 per cent of water from our bodies can cause a substantial increase in lethargy and fatigue, especially in the hotter months. When Manchester United players are moving, either in training or on the pitch, they ensure that their hydration levels are up and functioning well for optimum performance.

Not only can hydration play a role in our everyday activity, dehydration can also affect our sleep quality. From a dry sore throat through to leg cramps and decreased cognitive awareness the following day, heading to bed with little water in your system can affect your health.

For a great performance the next day and a boost in overall energy, make like a Manchester United athlete and keep your water levels topped up for a better day and a great sleep. Opting for 1..5-2 litres a day can be a great place to start!


Opting for a well balanced, healthy diet can be a the cornerstone to a great day and a brilliant sleep. From fibre rich foods through to lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables, a good diet can power you through your day like Manchester United players are powered on the pitch.

Simple tips such as avoiding coffee after 2pm and opting for your evening meal a few hours before you sleep can play a major role in sleep quality and overall health.

Feeling peckish? Nuts can be a brilliant snack when you’re on the go, they’re also packed full of magnesium which can help in the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin!


Looking to improve your sleep? Take a leaf out the team over at Manchester United, who can always be found down on the training ground, getting a sweat on not only to hone their skills, but to also boost their energy, up their mood and improve their sleep.

Regular daily exercise consisting of at least 30 minutes each day can be amazing for rest quality. Working out each day helps our bodies to increase the length of time that we stay in the deep sleep stage of our rest.

Not only is the deep sleep stage brilliant for working to boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health and relieve stress and tension, it’s also the prime time for restorative repair to tired muscles and aching joints, perfect for getting back on the pitch!


One of the largest components of a poor nights’ sleep can be stress. If we head to bed with our minds concerned and worried over various issues then chances are that sleep will be tricky to get a hold of!

The team over at Manchester United are aware of the effects of stress and the damage it can cause on sleep quality. Take a look at some tips below for busting those worries:
-hot bath. Opting for a hot bath in the evening can be brilliant for soothing muscles and relaxing the mind. Struggling to switch off? Lavender can be a great idea, or epsom salts, packed full of magnesium these can be amazing for easing aching joints and distressing your whole body.

-write stuff down. Writing down your worries and stresses can be a great way to see them from a bigger picture and therefore work to solve them before sleep for a deep rest.

Happy Sleeping!