Happiness and Sleep Health #betterlife

Take today to focus on the good in your life and to enjoy some of your favourite past times, whether that’s cooking your favourite food or spending the day with your loved ones!

Try these 4 tips today to celebrate the power of positivity!

-Affirmations. An affirmation is essentially a statement out loud, affirming a positive outcome for the day ahead. Start your day by saying out loud ‘Today will be a good day’, this will hopefully get you off to a good start!

-Gratitude. A great tip for waking up positive each day is to focus on what we have in our lives already, and to be thankful for this. Thinking of the positive aspects of your everyday upon waking can be great for boosting overall mood.

-Positive People. Surround yourself with positive people!
Negative people can definitely have a negative effect on your overall mood, and surrounding yourself with people who suck the fun and life out of everyday situations can really dampen your spirit. Communicate with positive people to help to foster your positive outlook as well.

-Kindness. Be kind to people. Starting the day ready to be kind, understanding and respectful can be a calming experience – and kindness conveyed to others usually means that kindness is delivered back to you.

Whilst positive thinking can be a brilliant habit to adopt daily, it can also work wonders for our sleep.

positive thinking can be brilliant for achieving a great sleep. Stress and excess worry can keep us up at night, leading to groggy mornings and low mood the following day. Heading to bed stress free means sleep will come fast and you’ll be energised the next morning! Take a look at these apps here for fostering positivity before heading to bed.

positive thinking can avoid bad dreams. When we sleep, we dream, and heading to bed in a bad mood can make for unpleasant night time terrors! Head to bed in a positive mindset to think happy thoughts, dream happy dreams and have a great rest!

consolidating bad thoughts. When we sleep, our brains filter through our memories from the day, picking out the strongest ones to save for later. If we head to bed thinking strong, negative thoughts, then these are consolidated and stored, leading to a grumpy, disheartening wake up.

So, how can we foster a positive space before sleep?

self care! Opt for a self care routine in the evening to boost positive thoughts, whether that’s a hot bath, your favourite movie or some good food.

-opt for a good sleep hygiene routine. Having a great evening routine can make for a great rest and a healthy mindset.

switch off electronics before bed. Turn off phones and screens at least one hour before bed, not only can this help our sleep, it can also help to prevent being exposed to any kind of negative footage before sleep.

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