Guide to easy Spring-cleaning

Most of us find cleaning the house to be a chore, or just totally time-consuming around an already busy life. Maybe you tend to put it off until the last minute, or struggle to keep on top of any growing mess.

Follow our tips on how to make Spring-cleaning a lot more manageable..

Establish New Cleaning Habits

If you tend to put off cleaning tasks during the week, write and plan a weekly schedule of what jobs need to be done each day to stay on top of mess. For example, chores such as dishes are something to stick to daily, but a quick hoover around the house may be needed every couple of days instead. Breaking down different tasks into daily and weekly prioritise is a great way to see the tasks in front of you, resulting in you feeling more organised.

Clean room-by-room

If you’re having a big Spring clean, don’t just think to tackle the whole house in one day. Taking room-by-room is a much easier way to tackle clutter without it becoming an overwhelming task or resulting in burnout.

Starting in the bedroom is great for helping you to relax and switch off at bedtime if you’re struggling with stress, as a clearer room results in a clearer mind.

Don’t go overboard on cleaning products

As much as it’s tempting to splash out on lots of different cleaning products to make cleaning quicker and easier, it’s just going to cause that cupboard under the sink to become a clutter zone. Stick to the essentials and don’t over-complicate it.

Organise and Clear the Clutter first

Tackling the worst area first is key to feel like you’re accomplishing your chores. It’s also a great way to clear your mind so you’re ready to take on the next task.

Don’t be over-sentimental

It’s tempting to hold onto items if they hold some kind of sentimental value, or you might think you’ll need it in the future. The best way to tackle this is create two piles: one for definite throw-aways and another to decide on later. If it becomes too hard to decide and it’s distracting you from the task in front of you, keeping it to the side for later is a great way to carry on cleaning.

Create a checklist

When having a big cleaning day, writing down all of your tasks to tick off helps to organise your day. Break them down into smaller tasks if it’s easiest.

If you’re tackling the kitchen for example, break down each task such as cleaning the work tops, scrubbing the oven, etc.


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