Great House Plants for a Healthy Sleep

Aside from being a beautiful additional to any home, house plants can also be great for overall sleep health!

From working to purifying the air, through to releasing sweet, calming scents into the bedroom for a great sleep, house plants have an abundance of benefits when it comes to boosting rest.ย 

Check them out below.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are pretty low maintenance plants and tend to be inexpensive, they’re also great at purifying the air, emitting oxygen into your bedroom whilst you sleep.

Whilst most plants take in oxygen at night, snake plants release it, meaning you’ll be breathing in much cleaner air than you would be exposed to without a snake plant.

Pick one up from your local garden centre and water a few times a week for optimum sleep!


Studies have shown that people who slept with jasmine in their bedroom had a higher cognitive performance, boost in mood an overall increase alertness, as compared to people who slept without.

Jasmine is a brilliantly calming plant and is perfect for people who would like a calming addition to their bedroom, but are put off by the strong scent of lavender.

Super simple to look after and pretty affective at the job, jasmine is perfect for a deep doze.


When it comes to sleep boosting plants, it’s widely acknowledged that lavender is pretty affective and well known for it’s calming affects.

Lavender scent has been directly linked to a drop in cortisol, the stress causing hormone, whilst the smell of lavender can even encourage babies to snooze.

Whilst lavender oil is brilliant dropped onto your pillow before sleep, and lavender body cream is great for encouraging rest, keeping a lavender plant in your bedroom is a great way to ensure the smell of lavender is circulated in your home all year.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be pretty miraculous.

Similar to snake plants, aloe vera plants also release oxygen throughout the night, purifying the air as they do so.

Aside from the purifying effects of aloe vera, it’s also a great plant to incorporate into your everyday life, with the leaves being used for the treatment of scars, burns and much more!

Aloe vera also makes a great ingredient for a face mask before heading to bed!


Orchids can be great for sleep, releasing oxygen throughout the night.

Aside from their sleep fuelling skill, they’re also beautiful and can be brilliant for boosting overall mood before heading to sleep!

Spider Plant

Cited by NASA as a top remover of impurities from their air, spider plants are brilliant at removing the harsh chemicals found in cleaning products, and can be brilliant for placing in your kitchen throughout the day, to ensure a better sleep come the evening in your bedroom.

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