Good foods to help digestion #betterlife

Did you know that the majority of our serotonin is produced in the gut?

A healthy system means a boosted mood and an increase in energy, perfect for fighting that lockdown lethargy which is effecting so many of us during this time.ย 

Take a look at our guidance below for boosting your digestion, supporting your health and increasing your mood.

Fill up on fibre

Starting your day with a breakfast heavy in saturated fat, such as a fry up, can be detrimental to your energy and digestion throughout the remainder of the day, sometimes causing feelings of sluggishness and a dip in mood.

Fill up on fibre rich foods throughout the day instead to keep your gut balanced and healthy:

-wholewheat bread

-brown rice



-fruit and vegetables

Drink plenty of liquid

The cornerstone of any healthy diet and functioning digestion comes in the form of water.

Ensuring that our bodies are adequately hydrated throughout the day allows fibre to be absorbed and utilised.

A brilliant way to ensure healthy digestion and to avoid feeling sluggish after a meal in lockdown is to ensure that you have a glass of water with every meal.

Cut down on fat

Cutting down on fatty foods during your time in isolation can be helpful in reducing stomach pain, tiredness and bloating.

Fatty, fried foods such as processed burgers, chips and pizza can be pretty difficult for our bodies to digest, affecting our mood and our overall well being.

Use your lockdown time wisely and get cooking from home, opting for home cooked meals can be a great way to cut down on processed fat and sugar.

Opt for the correct drinks

The beverages that we choose to consume can have a big effect on our overall health and well being.

Opting for carbonated, fizzy drinks tend to cause inflammation, bloating and gas, which can affect our overall mood in lockdown, whilst caffeinated drinks can be bad for heartburn.

Opt instead for water, herbal teas and fresh juices throughout the day to keep your body firing on all cylinders.

Opt for probiotics

Probiotics can be a brilliant way to support the healthy bacteria that exists in our gut, aiding our mood and boosting our well being.

Opt for cultured yoghurts, fermented foods such as soy our probiotic supplements to improve overall health.

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