Get Outdoors This Autumn #betterlife

Autumn can be one of the best times to be outdoors.

From the beautiful scenery of falling leaves and wonderful colours, through to the crisp autumn air and clear skies, opting for time outside each day can be amazing for sleep health, energy levels and overall mood.ย 

Take a look at these tips below to see how you can be outdoors this autumn for a better life.

Walk to Work

A great way to incorporate time outdoors each day can be walking to work.

A brisk morning walk in the autumn air can not only be amazing for your energy levels, it can also help to awaken your senses and boost your mood for when you arrive at the office.

Discover nature trails

There are plenty of public footpaths, designated walks and enticing nature trails dotted around the UK, all of which can be found with a simple internet search.

Head online to find a trail near you and invite friends and family to come on a weekend stroll through the woods.

Public Parks

Every neighbourhood and area tends to have quick and easy access to public parks, great for heading out for a stroll in the autumn afternoon to boost your mood and senses.

Has your park seen better days? A quick note to your local council or a clean up initiative can be a great way to reignite your local green spaces.

Bike Trails

Bike trails are a great way to head outdoors whilst also keeping safe in nature, with guided roots to ensure that you avoid getting lost or injured on the way. Take a look at the best UK cycle routes here for a better life.

Morning Runs

Morning autumn runs can be a brilliant way of getting outdoors into nature this autumn. From simple park trails through to fell running, opt for what suits you, before advancing and progressing from there.


If you’re serious about time outdoors this cold season, then gardening can be a great hobby to take up. Not only is it an economical way of creating food, it can also be great for extra cardio outdoors, boosted energy and mood and a better sleep! Root vegetables grow the best in the colder seasons.

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