Gel 500

The 500 is the upgraded version of the Gel 200. We added a thicker layer of our supple Cooling Gel Memory Foam and combined it with an extra-supportive layer of our firm Flex Support Foam. Two layers, one result: a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep with the same Mlily guarantee.

Gel 500 layers.

1. Mlily Gel-Memory Layers. Our sleep scientists have carefully combined the best in Cooling Gel and Comfort Memory Foams to provide you with an advanced layering system that is cool, breathable and adaptable to you.

2. Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a bottom layer of extra-thick Flex Support Foam to provide you with that extra level of support you need to sleep more consistently.

It’s not about how much you sleep, but how well.

Available Sizes
Size Cart Width Length
Single 90cm 190cm
Double 135cm 190cm
King 150cm 200cm