Four Cornerstones Of A Healthy Life #betterlife

When it comes to healthy living, the lines can definitely become blurred with advice on the internet, complete with conflicting counsel, dangerous tips and tricks and ridiculously complicated lifestyle plans.

Healthy living can be and is – simple.

With just four tips, it can definitely be achieved, leading you to expand and further your knowledge when you see fit and when you’re comfortable.

Take a look at the four cornerstones of healthy living below, for a great sleep and a #betterlife.


The cornerstone of healthy living definitely comes down to hydration.

Our bodies are over 80 % water, meaning that hydration definitely plays a role in how we’re feeling.

Drinking water can ensure a multitude of benefits, from healthy shining skin, through to increased energy, reduced headaches and boosted mood. We should all aim for 8 glasses of water per day to ensure optimum hydration.

If you’re struggling to achieve this, opt for a hydrate mate. These simple designs consist of a bottle with a drinking guide on the side, encouraging you to drink at certain times of the day and to refill at breakfast, lunch and dinner for a better life.


When it comes to healthy living made simple, recovery plays a huge role.

Not only do our bodies need recovery to progress in physical strength and endurance, our minds also need some much needed rest to solidify information. 7-9 hours of sleep each night stands as the best thing we can do for overall health, whilst quick 20 minute naps throughout the day can help to boost energy whilst avoiding the feeling of grogginess.


Life is all about balance. When it comes to healthy living, it’s important to focus on your overall happiness too, and a balanced lifestyle with everything in moderation can definitely help to achieve this.

From treating yourself at the weekend through to taking rest days, it’s important to focus on self care for a better life.


Exercise stands as one of the best things you can do for a healthy lifestyle. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can be all we need to ensure peak health -whether that’s cycling to work, running up and down the office stairs all day or heading to the gym after work.

Keeping active helps our energy levels, lowers our blood pressure, boosts our mood and improves cardio vascular health – what’s not to love?