Find Your Healthy This 2020

The new year can be a confusing and overwhelming time when it comes to fitness.

Not only are you bombarded with advertisements for gyms, recipe books and the next best thing when it comes to diets, but you also have to contend with the idea of fitting in a new healthy routine around heading back to work.

In a bid to help you along the way, check out these top tips on where to start on your health journey- and ultimately on how to create a routine which is right for you.

Cook basic – cook clean

Cooking healthy food can at times be a confusing venture- with the ever changing opinions in the media of what is good and not so good for us.

A simple way to bring healthy eating into your routine is to follow portion sizes, as recommended on national health sites, make sure that the largest proportion of your meal is made up of vegetables- and that you’re eating a well balanced meal.

Cooking simple dishes, and even meal prepping for the week ahead can be a great way to slip into a healthy routine alongside the stress of work.

Sort your sleep schedule

A healthy routine begins with a good sleep schedule. Sleep is super vital for fitness as it promotes recovery, regeneration and rest- all vital aspects of diving into health and fitness.

A healthy body also means a healthy mind, and a good sleep schedule, coupled with the necessary amount of sleep, has been shown to reduce feelings of stress, and alleviate symptoms which can be normally linked to depression and anxiety.

Set an alarm to fall asleep and one to wake up, try this for a week and hopefully your body should slip into a routine!

Plan your work outs

Finding your healthy lifestyle can definitely be a hit or miss adventure- especially when it comes to workouts.

What works for you might be different for others, so it’s best to just focus on yourself during this journey. If you’re looking to create your own workout routine, simply split your exercises up into groups, such as lower and upper body, core strength and cardio.

Once you’ve found your balance, go from there- there are plenty of work outs to try online.

Achieve balance

As with anything in life, it’s important to achieve balance.

This whole guide has been centred on achieving healthy living to a standard which suits you- achieving balance is an incredibly important part of this.

Slotting the components of good rest, good food and keeping active into place is usually the key to success here, so try not to worry yourself too much if you balance these factors around work, family, rest, play and holidays- it’s the move to improve your health that’s important, and it certainly starts with a good sleep.