Find a healthy work-life balance

For most of us, 24 hours doesn’t feel like enough time in the day to juggle everything, especially when it comes to work. It’s estimated that 20% of employees struggle to juggle their work and personal lives. 

It was also estimated that around 34% of employees found difficulty sleeping due to on-going work related stresses, which highly impacted on their health and ability to carry out work successfully. 

Follow our useful tips to help you find the right work-life balance..

Have a structured plan during each work day

Start each work day with a planned schedule. For example, write a list of everything you need to achieve in the morning and then move onto afternoon tasks. A great way to do this is tackle the most time consuming tasks earlier on in the day.

This also means knowing when to leave work at the end of the day. If you need to leave work at a certain time, stick to it. Working from home can make this a lot harder, but being strict and knowing when to switch your laptop off and put work away for the evening is a healthy habit.

Plan an activity during the week

Although the weekend is the time we tend to make plans, having time in the week to do the things we enjoy gives us something to look forward to. It’s also a good way to relax on a work evening, giving you an excuse to step away from your desk and switch off for a night.

Set boundaries on your days off

Some jobs may require you to be on call during your days off, but having a least a few hours away from work worries is. If your work life is completely interfering with your personal life and having a negative impact on you, consider speaking to someone in work such as HR or your manager to find a good balance.

Get chores out the way before the weekend

Try tackling the most boring and time consuming chores earlier on in the week, leaving the easier tasks until your day off. It may be tiring getting back from a full day of work to more work at home, but you’ll appreciate having more free time on your day off.

 Take time away from screens at the weekend

Opt to spend a few hours away from your phone or laptop during your days off. Being attached means you’re not switching off from work and getting the rest you need.


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