Fight the Flu Season #betterlife

The autumn and winter months can be the prime time for the flu to appear, with many strands affecting people over the colder months.

Luckily, there are a few options for helping to prevent the flu this season, from the flu vaccination through to boosting immunity and getting enough sleep.

Take a look at these top tips below.

Flu Vaccination

The best preventative measure to take when facing the flu season, is to ensure yourself a flu vaccination.

The vaccination consists of a quick and simple injection, which starts working after around three weeks, when you’re body has recognised the antibodies it needs to fight the flu, and is ready to protect you from any flu virus strains. You can book a vaccine through establishments such as boots or your local pharmacy. Check online to see if you’re eligible for a free one!

Clean Hands – Clean Face

A brilliant way to ensure that you’re doing your best to protect from flu is to make sure that your hands and face are clean.

Washing your hands as soon as you enter your home decreases the potential flu virus strains you bring back with you, whilst making sure that you avoid touching your hands to your lips and nose can also be a great preventative.

Tissue Disposal

If you or a member of your family is suffering from flu, encourage them to dispose of their own tissues, this helps to prevent any spread of the virus throughout the house.

Plenty of Sleep

When you’re ensuring a good amount of healthy sleep each day, your immunity is steadily being boosted.

Sleep is wonderful for boosting your immunity strength and can be perfect for fighting the flu. Likewise, if you’re already suffering with the flu, getting adequate sleep can be the best way to ensure that you recover quickly and sufficiently.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet plays a major role in protecting against flu strains. A great incorporation of healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and carbohydrates in a balanced manner can help your body to stave off the virus and will keep you strong.

Separate Pillows

If you or a member of your family have the flu, ensure that they keep their pillows separate, and wash the pillows on a hot wash to remove any traces of the virus.


An important thing to remember when you’re boosting your immunity is to relax. Studies have shown that stress can have a detrimental affect on immunity, whilst exhaustion can definitely make you more vulnerable to the flu.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be brilliant for helping your body to boost its defences.

Opt for hot water and lemon in the morning for a vitamin C kick, or grab a supplement to top up those levels for a #betterlife.