Fight Stress At Work #betterlife

Work life can definitely be overwhelming at times, especially when the stress of the work place follows you everywhere, particularly when you’re carrying out your job.

Take a look at our tips below for not allowing yourself to be ruled by stress, from brief midday exercise through to healthy eating and meditation.

Identify the Cause

When looking to tackle stress, it can be quite overwhelming to really pin point the source of your worries, especially when you’re feeling too panicked to really sit back and survey.

A great tip is to keep a journal for one week, pinpointing the times that you feel stressed and the times that you’re able to fully relax, this can be wonderful for identifying where your worries come from.

Once you’ve figured out what is the causing the issue, go from there.

Work on Healthy Responses

It can be tempting to fight stress with unhealthy responses, such as drinking alcohol, over sleeping or reaching for the sugary foods.

All of these actions can often result in both mental and physical discomfort, with sugar crashes and hangovers not doing much when it comes to relieving your stress.

Discover how to fight stress with healthy responses, whether that’s chatting to a friend, doing some yoga or having a healthy meal.

Discover Your Boundaries

A lot of stress can occur when the correct boundaries between work and home life are not in place.

For example, if you’re heading home from work whilst still constantly checking your emails, you’re not allowing your brain to fully switch off from the day. Opt for switching your phone off, or having one phone for home and one for work, this can be great for allowing your mind to free itself up from any remaining stress of the day.

Learn How to Relax

When it comes to stress, it’s important to learn how to relax, especially when you’re at work. If the stress of the day is affecting your performance, opt for relaxing in your own way whilst still in the office.

Whether that’s having your favourite lunch, making a nice cup of tea, or doing a quick head space pod cast for just five minutes.

Get Some Fresh Air

Stress can be directly linked to your surroundings.

If you’re feeling flustered at work, head out the door at lunchtime for a refreshing walk. Asking friends and co-workers to come with you can also be a great idea, allowing you both to switch off your minds from work, ready to return in the afternoon.

Talk to Loved Ones

No one should go through everyday of their life stressed. If you’re feeling like the world is out to get you, then it’s best to sit down with loved ones to discuss how you’re feeling. Once you’ve got it out in the open, you can continue from there.