Fight Lockdown Tiredness #betterlife

Whilst some of us may have been able to stay up into the small hours before the lockdown began, for many, hitting the pillow at a comfortable 10pm seems to be the norm now.ย 

For countless people posting on social media, lockdown tiredness is definitely real, affecting people of all ages, genders and occupations.ย 

So, what causes this intense tiredness? How can we fight to prevent it in the up and coming weeks?

Take a look below.

Studies have shown that the main cause of lockdown tiredness can be put down to the mental stress of living through a pandemic. For many, worrying about their overall health; loved ones; employment and general livelihood can definitely take its toll.

Although tiredness is often associated with a physical burden, the one you could be experiencing right now can certainly be traced to a mental one.

Just like our bodies need a rest after running 5k, so too our minds need to relax after a day of stress and anxiety.

Our bodies may also experience tiredness, fatigue and sluggish thoughts during stages of monotony in our day, as staying indoors can definitely affect our motivation, sunlight exposure and overall enthusiasm for pursuits and tasks.

This period is definitely a time of adapting into a new routine, similar to such instances as starting a new job, school or opting for morning workouts, the initial few weeks may be hard, but the following will get easier.

-Find a structure

Finding a structure which works for you from the new environment of working from home can be a great way fight off lockdown fatigue.

Getting up, eating breakfast, getting dressed and starting work at the normal time you would do in your office can be a great technique for staving off exhaustion.

Simple tips such as video calling a work colleague and doing some work together for an hour or so can also be brilliant for boosting your cognitive performance and communication skills.

-Soak up the sun

Sunlight is incredible for sorting our sleep routines, helping tor regulate our natural cycles, fight tiredness and avoid lockdown fatigue.

Use your allotted walk up! The government have provided us with the opportunity for a walk each day to ensure our mental and physical well being, some simple exercise can be great for blowing away the cobwebs.

Can’t head out as you’re in quarantine? Position your work desk by a large window in your home to soak up the feel good rays.

-Eat healthy, regular meals

Eating healthy, regular meals can be a fantastic way to ensure that you’re topping up your energy levels throughout the day, a brilliant way for staving off tiredness.

Focus on lean proteins and slow release carbs to ensure that you’re being powered through your work.

-Stay hydrated

For many who experience daily tiredness, ensuring proper hydration can be an excellent way to boost energy levels.

When we reduce our water intake, our brain can become tense and dehydrated, leading to headaches, anxious thoughts and feelings of fatigue and grogginess, keep topped up for an energy fuelled day.

-Sort a sleep routine

Although it might not seem or feel like the normal time you would head to bed at, it’s always good to listen to your body during this odd time. If your mind feels like it’s time for rest at 9pm, then give in to the temptation.

This can be a great way to ensure regular sleeping and waking times throughout isolation, a brilliant way to fight grogginess throughout the day.

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