Fiber and Your Health #WellbeingWeek

22nd-26th June marks Wellbeing Week, a period of time set aside for raising awareness on the importance of caring for both our physical and mental health.ย 

With COVID still a present force in our everyday lives, it can be tricky to allow worry and concerns to filter into our approach to wellbeing. Despite this, lockdown is the perfect time to up your efforts when it comes to caring for your health, from boosting your exercise through to healthy eating and daily walking.

Take a look at our guidance below on a vital part of our diet which often receives little attention in our everyday normality; fiber.

So, what is fiber?

Fibre is an essential nutrient brilliant for aiding digestion, regulating hormones, boosting blood circulation, supporting our gut and even helping us sleep!

Alongside these perks, fiber also helps to boost and aid our immunity- a brilliant factor during these odd times- whilst also ensuring that our digestion is healthy, easy and comfortable.

Take a look below at some brilliant sources of this wonder nutrient…


When it comes to topping up on fiber, plants really are your best friend. Not only are they packed full of hydrating vitamins and minerals, they’re also filled with antioxidants, perfect for supporting immunity.

Including vegetables in your daily meals can be brilliant for you, with just some of the options being cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, arugula, kale, collard greens, and bok choy.


You might have only enjoyed legumes in your baked beans, but they’re also an incredible source of fibre. Brilliant options include chickpeas, nuts, beans and lentils. Enjoy some home made hummus on a hot summer day with carrot sticks to top up that fiber.

Sprouted Nuts

Not only are nuts perfect for boosting sleep as they’re packed with magnesium, they are also a great source of fiber. Opt for snacking on them instead of reaching for the chocolate, brilliant options are almonds and walnuts.

How does fiber affect sleep?

Aside from being brilliant for overall digestion and health, fiber can also be a brilliant sleep aid for many.

A recent study conducted at Columbia University discovered that people who were consuming fiber daily as opposed to participants who ate a diet rich with saturated fat and sugar, were achieving a much deeper and restorative sleep each night.

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