Female Sleep Habits #InternationalWomen’sDay

Today marks International Women’s Day, a time for sharing the achievements of women and for raising awareness of women across the world who are still in need of aid and support.

In honour of International Women’s Day, take a look below at our take on female sleeping habits as we look into the reason why women actually need more sleep than men!

Although everyone does need a good dose of sleep each night, with the recommended being around 8-9 hours per night, depending on age, a new study carried out by Dr. Jim Horne, has concluded that women need more sleep than men, around 20 minutes more each night!

Although the difference in sleep time is not that great, Horne noticed that it was pretty consistent. Women need more sleep than men. So, why is this the case?

The main findings can be put down to the fact that women’s brains work harder throughout the day, as they tend to engage more of their mind than men in activities such as multitasking and planning.

Essentially, the more brain usage throughout the day, the more sleep is needed for recovery.

However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, more and more women are missing out on the sleep they need.

This reduction has been put down to a variety of factors, from sleep disturbances during pregnancy and hot flushes, through to bed partners waking them.

Other reports have also shown that women could be losing out on sleep due to worries and the stresses of modern day life, as women’s brains tend to take longer to break down and evaluate stressful situations.

So, what can women be doing to ensure that they’re getting the sleep they deserve at the rate which is scientifically proven to be right for them?

Check out these tips below.
  • Regular exercise. Getting active for thirty minutes each day, even if it’s just walking to work and back, can be a great way to boost sleep quality, as women’s body are eager to rest come the evening.


  • Setting a routine. Many women thrive off a plan, setting one for sleep might be the answer to better quality rest.


  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. For both men and women, alcohol can have a pretty negative effect on sleep quality.Yes, you will fall asleep quicker after drinking alcohol, but the rest tends to be terrible quality. Likewise with caffeine, avoid intake six hours before bed.

Happy International Women’s Day! #balanceforbetter 

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